Morgantown Area Youth Services Project

"A Youth Intervention Project"  

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Drug Diversion Programs  
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The Morgantown Area Youth Services Project (MAYSP) is a non-profit   organization which operates under the administration of the Monongalia County Commission. A coalition of local and government officials formed the MAYSP project in 1996.


MAYSP aims to reduce the incidence of delinquency, substance abuse, and violence among youth and young adults in Monongalia County, WV, through the provision of counseling intervention, education services, and community service.  We receive referrals from the WVDHHR, Probation, the Courts, Schools, and from family members.


Program Eligibility
  • At-risk students
  • Delinquent youth
  • Drug/Alcohol abusing youth
  • Substance abuse offenders
  • Runaways
  • Chronic school truants
  • High-risk youth/families
  • Underage drinking violators
  • Shopliftting offenders


  •  Delinquency Intervention and Prevention
  •  VOICES Program
  •  Transitions Program 
  •  Underage Drinking Program
  •  Drug Diversion Program
  •  Substance Abuse Counseling Program
  • Theft Diversion Program  






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